Horseshoe Bend

This post is a continuation from my American Southwest adventures! Read part 1 here.

And so our adventure continues….but we did not realize that Arizona was a different time zone than Utah and Nevada so all of our schedules in Arizona was done an hour ahead, which also means I’d lost one hour of sleep because we literally departed from Bryce Canyon at 3 in the morning.

Most photos were taken from within our vehicle. The scenic view is really amazing! It was quite scary to be driving at 3 in the morning but thankfully there was a freight truck in front of us so we followed it for most of the journey..until the sun came up which was pretty sweet.

We drove until the sun came up, which was pretty amazing

3 hours later, we’ve reached our destination!

After we parked our car we hiked for a good 10-20 minutes to Horseshoe Bend. I’ve seen photos of it and was mesmerized but its grandeur but to see it with your own eyes is something else. I can still recall the first moment I take a good look down Horseshoe Bend. I almost cried because it was soooo beautiful. Yes, I have a lot of emotions.

Horseshoe Bend at its finest.

Horseshoe Bend is the name for a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River located near the town of Page, Arizona. It is located off Highway 98 just a couple of minutes south of Page. It’s rather tricky to spot but you won’t miss the road sign that says Horseshoe Bend viewpoint, which leads to the parking space. It’ll take roughly a 3/4 mile hike up to the viewpoint so make sure you wear proper shoes as the terrain gets tricky – first sandy, then rocky.

This breathtaking 1,000 foot drop is amazing yet scary because I’m so afraid of heights! Plus there were signs warning us of potential danger and that honestly didn’t quite help.

The viewpoint is not gated and while the rocks appear sturdy it is not advisable to step too close to the edge because if you step on a soft/crumbly spot you’re screwed. Although I know a lot of photographers have actually gotten really intimate with the edge (ie. lean on their stomach or what have you) to get a majestic view with Colorado River making a complete loop around the bend, I wasn’t quite sure I was up for it and attempted a panoramic shot instead. Not knowing how it would turn out post-processed (this particular photo was 6 photos stitched together), I tried my best to get as close as I could without freaking myself out. Yes, each inch forward takes a ton of strength and will power!

Thankfully this worked out. This really took my breath away – height and beauty wise. I doubt I’ll see anything as magnificent and I do hope I did this view justice.

Up next – Antelope Canyon!


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