Moving On

What does it mean to move on with life? It essentially requires one to let go of certain things in the past and get on with making new memories, even if it doesn’t involve people from your past.

Yes it isn’t ideal but there’s nothing wrong when people choose to walk away from your lives. They have the freedom to choose, you have the freedom to select too. Nobody wins or lose, it’s not a game, it’s circumstantial.

I wish I hadn’t confronted the truth, which ultimately boils down to more lies to cover up a truth that already hurts too much. But if I hadn’t been raw about my feelings, I would’ve been dissatisfied. Now that I know nothing last, I was able to move on.


Moving on, forgive but never forget.

Today will be the last of it. I’m nobody’s fool. I’m walking away from all this pretentious games we play. I’m better than you’ll ever get to see me. Too bad hater, too bad.

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