Niagara Falls: Horseshoe Falls

If you thought American Falls was intense, wait till you see the Canadian Falls a.k.a the Horseshoe Falls. Its name was derived from its horseshoe-shaped crest. It is capable of rendering a lot of mist which made viewing difficult. I tried my best to capture its beauty but due to the mist my camera lens couldn’t focus properly but I guess I’ve taken a good amount. The rest of the photos are those taken on our way back.

Horseshoe Falls

It's SO misty I could hardly see anything when we were inside the Horseshoe Falls!

The Observatory Tower

Absolutely LOVE this shot

I really love this shot, probably my favorite one from this entire trip. It captured the essence of Niagara Falls – the two famous waterfalls, Niagara River and the mist.

Still can't get over how misty the whole place is

Bunch of people eager to see the waterfalls

Rainbow Bridge

Steps leading up to the fringe of the American Falls

While we climbed our way up the stairs to the American Falls we thought we wouldn’t get wet anymore and took off our ponchos. We asked a nice lady to help us take a group picture but just as I was teaching her how to operate my camera a huge downpour showered on all of us – as if someone pressed a button that shoots water cannons at us. We got even wetter than when we were on the boat, which is ironically funny. I guess nature’s playing a prank on us for underestimating its power.

Another view of the Observatory Tower


Such a great scenic view

It was my first time operating this, and failed miserably because I didn't realize I could rotate it.

I had a lot of fun visiting Niagara Falls, mainly because I’m such a big fan of nature. Its mere existence pose endless questions and wonders in my head while being there to witness its beauty is such an honor. Sometimes I feel ashamed of myself for making a big deal out of my issues, which are essentially tiny compared to the works of nature. After this trip, I told myself to have an open heart, or at least try to have a bigger room for toleration. I want to avoid animosity and be more giving, even if I have to put myself in a compromising position. Sure, you may think that you have shit of a life to deal with but when you think about it the whole world is waiting on us to explore and experience so why be upset over very little things that would deter one from moving forward?

If there’s one thing I learn from nature, it’s the sense of giving, persistence and tolerance. All nature did for centuries was keep giving and giving while we take all of it for granted. Sometimes they throw a tantrum or two but nothing is comparable to how much human beings have been exploiting the elements of our mother earth. I would hate to see any of these fall apart in the hopefully everyone can make changes to preserve the environment, one positive attitude at a time.

Next up – exploring Syracuse!


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