What It Means To Be 22

Birthdays are overrated in my opinion but every year I’m grateful to be able to celebrate another year of birthday in perfect health – if you knew my lifestyle, you’d know why I pray for nothing but health. Growing up my birthdays have always been very personal – simple dinner with my parents and sometimes […]

Fresh Air

Friendship – something we can’t live without. Let’s face it, we depend a lot on the social support around us. Friendship, it’s a funny thing really. One day it’s almost perfect, and there are times where it just drives you crazy. Some point in my life I literally gave up the whole idea of making […]

Right Now

I’m living in the moment. Right now all that matters is how I fully utilize my last year as a college student. I want to experience things I’ve not done before, meet people and touch their lives in the best ways I possibly can, have a great time while doing well in school. Everything else […]

Back To School

After three months of doing absolutely nothing, I’m back to school. it feels really weird to not have studied for the past three months because I believe the longest I’ve gone without studying was like what, a whole month. I worked full time sort of the whole summer, but I feel incomplete, as if something […]

Niagara Falls: Horseshoe Falls

If you thought American Falls was intense, wait till you see the Canadian Falls a.k.a the Horseshoe Falls. Its name was derived from its horseshoe-shaped crest. It is capable of rendering a lot of mist which made viewing difficult. I tried my best to capture its beauty but due to the mist my camera lens […]

Niagara Falls: American and Bridal Veil Falls

If you’ve not been on any of the tours offered in Niagara Falls, then you’ve not been there at all. The experience of getting up close and personal with those ferocious waterfalls is the whole reason we drove all the way here – and yes I was expecting free shower. Among the tours we went […]

Niagara Falls: Prelude

After three and a half hours of car ride, we made it to Niagara Falls in New York. It was one of the most awesome scenery I’ve seen in my entire life and I realize how tiny I really am, compared to the creation of nature. A sense of tranquility hits me as I listen […]