I’ve Been Splurging

Sushi Roll from Osaka

Ooops. I have a confession to make – I’ve been eating out a lot lately. So much that I’m getting so sick of food in general and right this instance only instant noodle can curb my cravings even if it means killing my body slowly. But what makes me even more guilty about my recent splurge is letting those food pictures sit in my hard drive. I shall revive my food blog starting tonight and you can read about my obsession with teaย here, and try to blog as frequent as I possibly can after this – until I run out of photos because I’m not planning to eat out aggressively like before. Some of the sneak peaks of upcoming posts and a reminder to myself to stop splurging. I live to eat but I think I might have to postpone that until I’m capable of making lots of moolah.

Sunomono from Osaka House

Korean Cuisine from K-Peppers

New Orleans Take-out

Desserts from Graze

Seafood Stew from Graze

Cheese Curds from Graze

Fine Dining in Underground Kitchen

Tiramisu from Tutto Pasta

Tutto Pasta

Crepe at Bradbury's

Fingers crossed that I will make good use of these dining experiences.


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