Recent Sighting

Raft of ducks in formation

A young girl was tempting a couple of ducks on shore with bread crumbs, soon what seems like the entire population of ducks that populated the lake scurried to the shore, they appeared to be famished from fighting the tides so they instinctively followed the source of the food. The girl felt apprehended by their advancement but nonetheless continued to feed the clan playfully. I could almost feel the ducks screaming ‘food! give us food!’

Amidst this chaotic event, an accidental beauty happen. The ducks appear to be in some sort of formation here for mere seconds. I’m so glad I pressed the shutter in time to capture nature’s idea of art. I feel like a kid again, chasing after them ducks the entire evening trying to capture their finest moment. I suppose that’s the best gift this technology has ever given me – to preserve the beauty of nature and discover our inner child.

Next time – Devil’s Lake!


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