Fall, I’ve Missed You

This summer has been nothing but scorching, humid and sweaty until it gets better starting early this week. With the natural breeze that comes through the window every now and then, I don’t have to sleep with the AC on and I can stay outdoors without being drenched in my own sweat which I absolutely abhor. Last night I was sunset hunting by the Terrace and since the weather was so glorious, it was really nice to be sitting by the lake observing people and taking candid photos of everything around me.

I was experimenting with street/candid photography for the fun of it, sort of, and it is not easy at all. The first thing that I have to overcome is my own pride. Sometimes I hesitate when it comes to capturing the moment because I’m worried that people might be offended that I didn’t ask for their consent before shooting them or their pets and I’m not good at asking for permissions…Sometimes I managed to capture what I’d conceptualized, but there are times where I just forfeit the opportunity and move on. 

Plus the whole act of asking for permissions defeats the whole purpose of street photography – you want it to be candid, accidental and non-fabricated. When you ask for your subject’s consent they might deliberately pose for you if they’re nice enough and that’s not what I’m aiming for. I do recommend asking for permissions when shooting pets though because a) you’re letting the owners know that you have good intent and b) they might help address their furry friend’s attention to your lens, which helps ease the shooting process and c) it’s an act of flattery – trust me most people find it flattering when you tell them that their pets are gorgeous.

Anyway I did stay invisible since I have a rather nifty zoom lens so if my subject is far I would either sit down or linger around with my camera at hand and casually point my lens towards them without actually looking into the viewfinder – it’s a hit or miss mostly but with some trial and error I was able to get pretty sweet shots from my hips and below. It’s hard to pretend that you don’t care when you actually do. That’s exactly how I feel when I’m trying to stay invisible and casual.

In any case, it’s been a rewarding photowalk yesterday. I’m just glad that Fall is approaching because there will be more casual strolls around the campus, discovering of places and elements worth photographing. Pictures up next!


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