Loving My Crib


It’s hard when you have so much to do at home – they keep me real busy. Sorry kids if I rather stay at home this Summer than hang out with you and turning all of you down has been very hard for me, but if you have to make me choose between music and well, shenanigans…there’s no competition isn’t it? It’s not you, it’s me, really. And do I feel left out? Sometimes a little bit, but in coming years when I listen to what I’ve produced, I must say the sacrifices are worth it. Gold star for pursuing my dreams.

Today I was asked if I liked music or photography better. I’ve never thought about it to be honest and it’s really not a matter of choice but it’s part of what defined me – couldn’t live without any of that really, same goes to writing. These are the mere things that kept me going, pushing me to become a better person of my own.

It’s kind of sad to say that people let you down all the time, but your knowledge and experience would not. If you call it faith…then perhaps these are what kept me sane and alive all this while.


4 thoughts on “Loving My Crib

  1. I’m also a musician who records at home I recently bought the audio techica 2000 (sp?) which is rather cheap, damn good quality though. I just need a sound booth to block out my fan haha

    • wow, that looks like a beast! i would like to hear some of your productions if you’re willing to share. oh yeah I know what you mean! I always end up sweating so much from recording cos i would shut the windows, switch off the ac and torture myself silly. looks like that’s on both of our list.

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