It’s very tempting to compare ourselves with people around us and in order to make us feel better about ourselves because we fare much better, but it’s a double edged sword and sometimes we wind up feeling horrible about our underachievement or things we’re shy of excellent at. In fact I feel shitty about myself almost all the time whenever I look or hear about people who did things I wish I had done or could do. I know several individuals who have achieved so much and the only weakness they seem to possess is being flawless. They exude such positive aura no matter where they so or what they do. People respect what they do but do not hate them for it. They make you wonder, what is it that they can’t do and how do they get to where they’re at?

It’s also seemingly true that they are perfect until you get to know them better and find out that they are just like everyone else – they have their own insecurities, skeletons in the closet, weaknesses and faults but what sets them apart from the rest is pretty simple – they didn’t let their inner demon get to them, instead they focused on their strength and become unstoppable. Nothing happen by chance, they have in fact worked hard for the things they have today.

But yeah, everyone has issues and I have insecurities of my own – the kinds you can see both on the surface and inside. On the outside everything always appear fine and dandy, but what’s going on inside is another whole different story but isn’t it better to share your success stories than to mope over your inner conflicts? Haters gonna hate but those who look up to you will appreciate your optimism. I often convince myself that I’m worth something, it may not be Einstein or Warren Buffet worthy, but there’s something. I’ve not done anything remarkable just yet but slowly it’ll lead somewhere. Keep telling myself that and one day and it will come true eventually.

We all excel in our own unique ways, we’ll just have to believe in ourselves. Have you told yourself how wonderful you are today? If you haven’t make sure you look into the mirror and do so. Self appreciation starts from within and once you know where you stand you will be unstoppable.


2 thoughts on “Unstoppable

  1. ‘ I’ve not done anything remarkable just yet ‘

    Are you kidding? I don’t know how to say this without sounding overly butt-kissing, but you’re much better than you think you are. In probably every aspect you can think of. I know I’m one to talk with my mountain of insecurities and all, but sometimes it takes the people looking from outside to recognize the fantastic bits we tend to overlook ourselves.

    You know those individuals you admire for achieving much and worked hard for the things they have? You’re one of those people to me. 🙂

    Keep your head up girl. You’re doing just fine. 🙂

    • Aww, you have no idea how much that means to me! i guess i’m fortunate to have known a friend like you, who supports me no matter where I am. and thank you for believing in me! well I’d say the same to you about looking from the outside to recognize that you have fantastic bits too! you’re a great gal! shove those insecurities aside and focus on the great things you have alright? I miss you and thank goodness we’re still keeping in touch!

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