Last Month In

Tomorrow’s the first of August, which means my Summer break is coming to an end pretty soon..and I’m freaking out because there will no bumming around anymore. Plus my professor from Fall semester just sent me an email regarding the course, the horror! Regardless, I will make the best out of these remaining weeks because I know everything changes once I graduate next year. There will be no room for procrastination and I’ll be on my job-hunting quest..which is really scary! But anyway that’s another year to go and I actually believe a lot of things could change or happen within this year so we’ll see where this journey takes me. In the meanwhile, I decided to call it quits for the 30 day challenge because I didn’t feel like restricting myself to certain topics of the day instead, I want to write whenever I please and on whatever I want. For instance, food!

Last week was Restaurant Week in Madison and as a foodie I most certainly had to participate. The restaurant I went to was Dayton Street Grill. Word of advice to those who wishes to visit any of these restaurants that participate in Restaurant Week, make a reservation ahead of time. I was lucky enough to even get a seat but it was in a strange awkward corner so the lighting was really really bad. I tried my best to enhance the photos but resulted in too much noise in the end and couldn’t be bothered about it anymore. What matters more is the dining experience right?

Bread is served once we’re seated. It’s a tad too dry so I didn’t really liked it.

Restaurants love to stuff everyone silly with their bread.

For appetizer we had the marinated yellow fin tuna on top of a bed of sushi rice, dashi broth and salmon roe. The sashimi is really fresh and goes well with the sushi rice. The touch of dashi broth and salmon roe is delicate and refreshing, really opens up the appetite. I think it would be a nice dish to recreate someday.

Marinated Yellow Fin Tuna

I had the grilled black angus top sirloin with chive mashed potatoes, balsamic onions and roasted tomatoes for the main course. I ordered my steak medium well but it wasn’t served at the temperature I fancied, I could literally taste blood in every bite because it was a little too rare for what I’m used to having. It’s not disgusting or anything but I finally found out that I’m not a big fan. The grill marks are visually stunning, roasted tomatoes is a nice touch and I love the mashed potatoes! It’s funny how I always fancy the sides over the main character of the dish.

Grilled Black Angus Top Sirloin

Look at that beast

Of course nothing would be complete without dessert! I had the vanilla almond cheesecake while my friend had the chocolate panna cotta. Desserts have always been my favorite course in a full course dining experience because it concludes your meal on a sweet, and sometimes savory note.

Vanilla Almond Cheesecake

With peach compote.

Chocolate Panna Cotta with Door County cherry sauce.

For $25 this was a pretty good deal, which also reminds me..why do I even bother eating out during regular business season? They’re making so much out of us. Ugh, I feel pretty stupid now which is why I just cooked my entire lunch for the week under 2 hours and could potentially save myself a fortune. Time to go frugal baby.


4 thoughts on “Last Month In

  1. Aye, nothing like a nice bit of food porn to make my night. 😀 Yay for cooking at home! To a lot of people it’s a chore, but when I get back after a long day at school, whipping up a nice simple dinner feels like I’m rewarding myself. X)

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