New Toys

I think life right now is complete (with distractions) because I got myself some new toys! Last week Musician’s Friend was on sales and I decided it was the right time to buy something I’ve always wanted to get my own hands on. Introducing to you my FIRST ever electric guitar…the Epiphone LP Junior Special. Ideally it’s not the BEST guitar out there and I’ve heard both good a bad feedback about it, but since it is my first electric guitar I wanted something affordable, yet chic. For $99 I was blown away by the quality of the built.

Along with the guitar I also bought a Rogue G10 10W 1×3.5 Guitar Combo Amp that costs less than $30, which was essentially a steal. I tried it out with the electric guitar and I have to say it works like a charm. Since I’m not a technical person I can’t tell you much about the guitar but all I could say is I’m happy with what I settled for.

Got my package today!

Left: Everything I needed to start playing - Epiphone Les Paul Junior Special Electric Guitar & Rogue G10 10W 1x3.5 Guitar Combo Amp

I also went ahead a bought myself a Midi Controller, which will definitely open up so much more doors for ANY audio technician. I’m currently experimenting with Mixcraft and it works like a charm except that it will cost a bomb once the trial version is over. Any advice on where I can get free audio mixing software?

ION Discover Keyboard

My entire physical setup

That’s my entire setup as of July 2011.

List of equipment and software:
Guitars: Rogue Acoustic Guitar, Epiphone Les Paul Junior Special Electric Guitar
Amp: Rogue G10 10W 1×3.5 Guitar Combo Amp
Keyboard: Casio WK-200
Midi Controller: ION Discover Keyboard USB
Microphone: CAD u37 Condenser Microphone
Recording Software: Sony Vegas Pro, Audacity, Mixcraft
Camera: Nikon D5000
Video Editing Software: Windows Moviemaker, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro


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