Shrine of Gluttony

When girl meets food, magic happens.

I love trying out new things and walking into a new restaurant is something very exciting to do because I believe each restaurant has a story to tell and they could be represented through their design, decor and ambiance. What’s even more exciting is looking through the menu for the very first time – sometimes they tickle my fancy, sometimes they seemed a little out of the ordinary, but I’m always open for new cuisines. So far I’ve not tried anything nasty yet, but I guess when the day comes you’ll be the first to know.

My dining experience involves a good amount of photo taking, especially if the food is visually stunning. I often enjoy dining out because it’s high time to catch up with friends, where you can sit down and savor delicious cuisines while talking to your heart’s content. I enjoy the whole process of waiting for my food to be served too because one can never really expect what the dish will look or taste like and I must say the build-up is pretty exciting.

For me, each dining and cooking experience tells a unique story and I’ve decided to share mine with all of you.

Check out my new blog, Shrine of Gluttony as I take you through the journey of gastronomical adventure.

Left: Specialty Root Beer & Magic Coffee from Graze; Right: Variety of sundaes from Michael's Frozen Custard


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