Madison, Why You So Cruel?

Madison, why are you being so cruel? I’m from friggin’ Southeast Asia and I can’t take any of this heatwave nonsense anymore. Summer wasn’t like this at all last year, and so far you’ve been nothing but torturous. Looks like it’s going to stay this way for a while, high 30°C for the rest of July probably. No wonder I’ve lost motivation to go out – the heat has sapped all my energy all I want to do is sleep in and get cozy in an air-conditioned room. I can shower as much as I liked but I’m not going to stay dry either way cos when I’m not soaked with soap, I’m soaked in sweat from all this heat coming from everywhere – the lake, the ongoing constructions, the friggin’ wind and even my laptop.

This was taken at 8pm, 8 friggin’ at night and it’s scorching as you can tell and I don’t get how some people can still sail on a day like this, they must be crazy. I’m sweating as I type because my a/c has stopped producing cool air, possibly raising its white flag from my excessive exploitation this past week. I can’t even imagine the bills that follow, I blame it on you, you crazy heat wave.

I used to say I’d rather die from heat, I guess I changed my mind. Being frozen to death seems like a better option right now.


2 thoughts on “Madison, Why You So Cruel?

  1. wait but isn’t it cooler out at sea? I thought the beaches and stuff are always super cold despite it being scorching everywhere else? which is why I would gladly spend all summer at the beach if I could. Summer is my least fav. season. I always thought it was cool to love Summer until I actually had to experience summer itself. I’d take Fall and Spring anytime man.

    • no in fact the lake’s blowing hot air instead. it’s crazy. nothing like the beach, which i would wish for over what we have now :(. this heat wave invasion is driving all of us crazy. plus the cooling plant in our university experienced some problem and had to undergo maintenance, some buildings didn’t even have air-conditioning. pretty bad week i’d say. I know! I WANT FALL SO BAD NOW. I just hate extreme weathers you know?

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