Your Song (Ellie Goulding cover)

Pardon my long absence from recording songs..I haven’t felt inspired recently but lately this song has become one of my top replays. Every time I hear it on my mp3 player I tell myself, I HAVE to cover this. So after much procrastination I decided to bring back the basics. Just me and my guitar! Presenting to you my cover of Ellie Goulding’s rendition of “Your Song”, which was originally produced and performed by Sir Elton John.

I decided to do a live recording with the guitar and kept everything as simple as possible. In post-processing, I’ve added reverb effect and the harmonizing bit using Sony Vegas Pro. The video was shot with a Nikon D5000 and synced with audio via Windows Live Movie Maker. I’ve purposely focused the camera on the microphone instead of myself so in case you were wondering, it’s not a camera mishandling.

In case you are unaware of my side project, I’m running my own recording stint as Simple|Music. It’s something I do for fun and out of interest. I mostly cover songs I like and I’m planning to publish some originals this Summer. Subscribe to my Youtube channel and Facebook page to get the latest updates from me. If you enjoy my singing at all, download those tracks for free from SoundCloud! I’ve done a good amount of work with them so words of encouragements and feedback are most welcomed.


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