I view myself as someone who is easily gratified. Simple things like cleaning up, cooking, reading a blog or singing to my favorite tunes can keep me happy for a long time. Material possessions could never make me happy because they are lifeless, they’re merely tools to help me achieve what I truly love.

I have a handful of possessions but I always keep it simple and I stick to the basics. Instead of buying a $400 guitar, I bought mine for $80; instead of buying a laptop for $1000, I bought mine for a relatively lower price and I’ve been using it for almost two years since; instead of shopping at high end boutiques, I shop at Forever 21; when I started taking photography seriously, I bought an entry level model because I don’t deserve anything better before I could master the basics.

I really like the saying ‘Just because you own it, it doesn’t mean you deserve it.’

Sure, you can argue that the prices reflect the quality of the goods but in my honest opinion, as long as they have similar functionality, if not better, I’m completely fine with spending less. It ultimately boils down to how you utilize an item, not how much it costs. Having a $2 mil car is essentially the same as one that costs $20K, they run on four wheels and the former wouldn’t fly or teleport. Heck you’ll be incurring more sunk costs in the long run and owning a luxurious item will cause you distress at the thought of losing it. If I lost my $80 guitar, chances are I wouldn’t feel as upset if I’d lost one that costs me $3K. I can just go into any store and get a new one without feeling too sorry.

That’s my take on minimalism and it is essentially different from many other minimalist at large. I don’t count how many items I have and I don’t intent to live with only 50 items, in fact I love having a lot of possessions because I have a lot of different interests. For me, minimalism is about living comfortably in an economical way. But admittedly there are certain things un-minimalist about me, which are food and space. I love food and I won’t hesitate to splurge on quality cuisine, and I also love me a lot of living space.

Oh well, who knows one day I might change my mind about minimalism. After all, it’s all about the disposable income.


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