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Vivienne Westwood Women Suit

Before I proceed, I have to say I absolutely love this three piece suit from Vivienne Westwood. It’s rustic looking, yet classy. In fact she’s one of my favorite designers, next to Alexander McQueen. But of course I only love to look at them like how I appreciate art because obviously I’m not going to pay few thousand dollars for a piece of clothing that I can get for less. Just saying.

I have to admit, I have an obsession with suits. I find men and women in suits extremely appealing and I could just watch New Yorkers parade in their designer suits as they roam the busy streets of New York City, such like the one pictured below.

Three Piece Suit

And whoever thinks women can’t rock a suit, think again. (Photo found on: Fashionising)

Suits represent stature and power. You can tell a lot about someone’s character judging from the kinds of suits they wear. If someone were wearing their grandpa’s suit to work, they might either be really broke or couldn’t care less about looking good. If someone were wearing customized suit that fits perfect and sparkle under the sun (I’m just kidding, unless you’re trying to win most tacky suit award), he clearly respects himself as much as he respects people around him by presenting himself in a well groomed and professional manner. I remembered my HR lecturer once mentioned that impression is of high importance when you deal with clients or business partners. Let’s face it, first impression is the last so if this could boost some impression points, why not?

But my point here isn’t about suit literally, but the freshmen TV show ‘Suits’ by USA Network.

‘Suits’ has my favorite elements in any show: attractive actors, comedy elements, the justice system and upper class lifestyles. Think a mash-up of Gossip Girl, Law and Order, White Collar and some Chuck. This has to be one of my favorite shows so far and I would really like to see it go far, really far.


When I first saw the trailer for the TV show, it reminded me of “White Collar”, where Matt Bomer made suits looked ultra sexy and oh his dreamy eyes are to die for. They have similar themes involved only in different context. In “White Collar”, Matt plays Neal Caffrey, a professional con-man turned FBI advisor who can’t decide if he can trust anybody so he’s constantly on semi-rogue mode while trying to find the ‘truth’, you get the drift.

Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey

Neal Caffrey, you are under arrest for being too pretty on screen. Thanks for busting everybody’s self esteem for being so perfect.

As for ‘Suits’, it revolves around one of Manhattan’s best lawyers, Harvey Spencer (played by the equally juicy Gabriel Macht), who enjoys going solo but having promoted to senior associate he is obligated to hire a new associate. He took a risky endeavor by hiring Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams) a brilliant college dropout who has photographic memory to be his associate. Their symbiotic relationship is fueled by a lie they must keep in order to ensure their survivor in the firm.

I enjoyed the show a lot because of their quirky lines and banters – 5th episode into the season and it hasn’t gone dry, not one bit. Watching Harvey and Mike’s love and hate relationship with each other is entertaining. Harvey will never admit that he cares for Mike and gets the kick out of taking Mike’s ego down with his clever one-liners but Mike never backs down and constantly impresses his senior associate with his brilliance, I mean..he does have a photographic memory after all. Most of the time the way the stories play out don’t make sense or even plausible in reality, but that’s the whole point of  TV – giving us hope in humanity (yeah, right), drama and exaggeration.

Which brings us to the most important element of any show, the pretty people that made this show sizzle:

Gabriel Macht

Patrick J. Adams

Hmmm, they’re not too hard to look at, no? Tune in to ‘Suits’! You will most definitely dig it.


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