When life gives you lemon, what do you do with it? Well as cliche as it sounds, we make lemonade and down it like a boss. This morning I was caught by surprised. I knew my apartment was scheduled for maintenance this week to have all windows facing the lake replaced and little do I realized the window in my room had to be replaced as well. When the guys came in and told me I had to move my furniture around, I was like great, my room’s going to be a total mess, and while they’re at it my clothes will be dusty too, and damn it I have to sleep with all these dirt and dust around me until they’re finally done tomorrow! Naturally, I had little to no time to even think before making room for the construction and allow the maintenance guy to stomp all over my room in their dirty boot. Ugh I was quite frustrated at first because my room became a total mess two minutes into all that dismantling, nailing and whacking.

But then it’s all for a good cause, at least aesthetically speaking because I have a brand new window which also promises better insulation of my room over Winter.

So what if it costs me an afternoon of distress? I get something good in return and I’m really happy. Plus the see-through glass gives me a great view of Lake Mendota.


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