Manu belongs to one of my friends from college, when she was away for vacation we took care of him. He’s quite a handsome cat with an attitude, he waltz around the apartment as he pleases, when he’s in a playful mood he’ll do anything to get our attention but when he’s not, he’ll be an uppity pain in the butt (as pictured above). He’s cute though, that’s why we forgive him for being well, catty.

A lot of people have cat-like behavior. They take others for granted by walking in and out of their lives as they wish. When they need a favor they will come to you first but when they don’t, you’re the first to be forgotten. Why do we allow people like them prancing about our lives? Maybe, just maybe, you’re doing the same to some other unfortunate soul.

Just because you’re cute, it doesn’t mean you can get away with it. We eventually stopped playing with Manu because he was too much to handle. Hmm, maybe that’s why he looks frustrated in that picture.


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