The Awakening

My home country made it to the headlines worldwide again early this week and not for the best reasons. A lot is going on politically and as I watch everything unfold on the news from a distant land, I felt extremely upset with the whole situation – ignorance is no bliss, nor is involvement – I could only lament and hope for a positive outcome and the safety of everyone.

Suddenly what we feared the most has become a reality – the people are no longer satisfied or happy with how our country is being run and they are not afraid to show it – I’m not politically savvy but I’ve had my fair chance of running organizations as a leader, and it’s not the easiest thing to be one because let’s face it, you can’t possibly make every single person happy but that doesn’t stop one from trying.

It’s a trying time for everyone, the political leaders included. Perhaps everyone needs a time off and think about the best way to reconcile before things get any worst, because with all these media attention involved, it’s natural for those involved to get defensive and somewhat nasty. How do you feel when your neighbor tells you that you’re teaching your son wrong and tells the entire neighborhood about how incompetent you are as a parent? Not very pleasing, no? You’ll try your best to justify your actions because otherwise you’ll lose your face and reputation in the neighborhood. That’s human nature for you. Most of them might not even mean half of the things they say or do right now but clearly, the animal spirits gets the better of all of us.

The reality is irreversible and this will be a tainted incident in our historical timeline that might someday magically disappear. But for those for remembered and experienced it, make it a lesson learned. The awakening is here and I hope that our political leaders will finally realize that it’s time to put more effort in answering the spiritual needs of  the people. Evidently band-aid solutions will not alleviate these issues, but it has to start somewhere.

I love my country, let’s not change that.

 There’s no leader without followers, no country without its citizens. 


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