Last Month In

Tomorrow’s the first of August, which means my Summer break is coming to an end pretty soon..and I’m freaking out because there will no bumming around anymore. Plus my professor from Fall semester just sent me an email regarding the course, the horror! Regardless, I will make the best out of these remaining weeks because […]

New Toys

I think life right now is complete (with distractions) because I got myself some new toys! Last week Musician’s Friend was on sales and I decided it was the right time to buy something I’ve always wanted to get my own hands on. Introducing to you my FIRST ever electric guitar…the Epiphone LP Junior Special. Ideally […]

Old Flame

This past weekend I’ve been playing host for my cousin whom I’ve never met until last Saturday. I took him around Madison and it actually invoked some great memories. Truth is I never liked playing host because it’s inevitable that the most that any tourist would want to get out of a place they visit […]

Blast From The Past

I’ve been blogging for almost five years now and somehow it’s hard to say goodbye to the blog that I’ve run for years. There are some great posts from the old blog that I would really like to share with the internet so I’ve decided to import some of them. I will introduce them in […]

Your Song (Ellie Goulding cover)

Pardon my long absence from recording songs..I haven’t felt inspired recently but lately this song has become one of my top replays. Every time I hear it on my mp3 player I tell myself, I HAVE to cover this. So after much procrastination I decided to bring back the basics. Just me and my guitar! […]


I view myself as someone who is easily gratified. Simple things like cleaning up, cooking, reading a blog or singing to my favorite tunes can keep me happy for a long time. Material possessions could never make me happy because they are lifeless, they’re merely tools to help me achieve what I truly love. I have a […]


Before I proceed, I have to say I absolutely love this three piece suit from Vivienne Westwood. It’s rustic looking, yet classy. In fact she’s one of my favorite designers, next to Alexander McQueen. But of course I only love to look at them like how I appreciate art because obviously I’m not going to […]