Best Of Both Worlds

Almost every sane and sensible person you meet in this lifetime can tell you a thing or two about opportunity cost, or something along those lines, if not contextually. It’s probably the ONLY thing that the whole world could agree on – you can’t have the best of both world. Well today, I’m dissecting it from an angle unlike other – the question of proficiency and brilliance.

Is it true that when you have to give up everything else to be absolutely brilliant at one?

I’m revisiting this because when I was a kid, I make  general statements very quickly – I guess that’s judgmental for short. I have these crazy thoughts going in my head all the time and always seeking ways to justify my own actions and I hate to be wrong. As I grew older, I began to realize that a lot of things aren’t what it seems and I could be wrong about a ton of things.

For instance, I used to think it’s okay to not be great in Science because I’m comfortable with the Arts, I mean I’d spent more time in front of the piano than my books throughout my high school years. For the record, I was streamed into the Sciences with emphasis on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in high school and it turned out to be a train wreck. I still don’t quite understand why it had been so difficult for me – and I though I was kind of stupid at some point when some of my peers didn’t have a problem acing every single exam.

Oh the pressure was high, but not nearly as bad enough to make me work for it (my grades kept sliding) because I knew I had something to fall back on. And that’s probably one from the hundred of things that I’d given up on simply because I thought I was particularly good at something already. This attitude though, is what’d probably limited my potential as the most intelligent creature ever existed on earth. By admitting my loss to the nature of opportunity cost, I gave up what could have been’s in my life. I simply shut a door in front of me, just like that.

It never really occurred to me that people could be equally great in multiple principles but I guess times have changed for all of us. This is not the stone age where people pride over specialization, it’s the technological age. It’s ALL about multitasking.

College (and random discovery made over the internet) has opened up my eyes to the lives of many amazing and sometimes bizarre individuals. I get to know people who excelled both in the areas of Sciences, Arts and beyond. For example, I knew a guy with absolute pitch that graduated with honors in Computer Science and owns a NGO. I also know a girl who runs a ballroom dancing team throughout her undergrad years and currently works in one of the biggest investment firms in the US as an actuarist. There’s also this street musician who has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science but instead he led a humbling life entertaining pedestrians in the library mall. Many individuals have achieved what I thought was..impossible.

These inspiring individuals thought me something very important, you don’t have to give up anything for something else. It’s alright to try to do everything because heck, one CAN be good in everything if he/she put their mind into it. I may have shut many doors before me but I think it’s time to reopen them and step out onto those uncharted grounds.

My life well, it isn’t brilliant but safe it say it’s not an underachievement either. I can finally put my finger on what I really enjoy doing, what kind of person I’m growing into and above all…I’m learning to love myself more and more each day.

There won’t be quote of the day today since there’s already a ton in this rather heavily weaved post so I’ll save it for another day. Will someone please tell me why do I write at such odd hours? It’s bloody 3:00 a.m. already and I’m not sleepy, in fact I’m so pumped up that I think I might even start writing another entry. We’ll see.


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