Carpe diem

Yesterday a terrible accident happened on campus, I was too shaken to write about it on the day itself and mourned instead for the loss of a innocent life.

I would not divulge the details of the horrific accident because I’ve read enough of it on the news and I don’t think it’s fair to keep bringing it up, instead this whole thing got me thinking about how short life really is. Everyday thousands of individual, myself included would walk through the same path where the accident happened. College kids, academicians, civil servants, business owners..people of all walks of life would cross path with each other but I’m sure none of them has thought of the end of their days – I know I haven’t.

I’m still deeply shaken.

Life can be so fragile and unexpectedly short. We can never tell when our time is up and sometimes fate play funny games with you. Some people deliberately seek for death but continued to live a life they thought was miserable; while some others have ambitious dreams, anticipating great things to happen for them but was met with a life shorter than they’d expected. may think it is unfair, but there must be some important message behind everything  as I always believe that everything happens for a reason.

I guess this tragedy hit me really hard about appreciating every moment spent living as a person. If you feel like grabbing a Starbucks coffee cake in the middle of the night, just screw the calorie count and do it! If you think you need a break from work, call in sick! If you’re in love with somebody, just say it. Skip the hypothetical questions and jump right in – it’s all about being spontaneous and having no expectations.

Carpe diem.

I want to live in the moment, seize and make every second of my life meaningful. I don’t need riches, fame or success if none of those actually makes me happy. Like photography, I want to make every single frame of my life worth shooting and remembering. Life’s too short to be spent doing things you hate because if you think the fun comes after, you are absolutely wrong.

I live by four simple rules: Live more, love more, give more and eat a lot. I guess I don’t have a problem on eating a lot (laughs), but I have issues of giving. I can be a very private person and do not express my love and care very well…instead I do it through my music and writing, which is why I never gave up any of the stuff I enjoy doing. These are precisely the things that made me humane.

Preserve the beauty of life by seeing the good in people, take things easy and count your blessings.

A different kind of sunset

Age is…wisdom, if one has lived one’s life properly. – Miriam Makeba


2 thoughts on “Carpe diem

  1. Sometimes when I read about tragic accidents in the papers, I ask the question: why them and not me? It could be me next time so I am living in the moment as opposed to living for the future.

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