Summer So Far

I’ve been looking forward to Summer since the Spring semester, why? cos it sucked. I swear it was one of the most stressful semesters ever! Took three killer Econ classes all at once and became the prime example of ultimate slavery for money by working two jobs…bottom line, I was stretched clean towards the end of the semester and wanted nothing more than to be a full time bum this entire Summah! And I succeeded.

I’m enjoying Summer like a king; no Summer sesh, no exams, no homework…plus my job has ultra flexibility when it comes to time commitment. Yes, be real jealous of me right now. I managed to get some of my Summer projects done ie. recorded six tracks, made three videos for Youtube (more to come!), started a new blog, set up a Facebook page for my music, revamped my homepage, spring cleaned my laptop, revived my Tumblr and unclutter my social media feeds! I’m on fire right now!

Hmm, I just realized how geeky I sounded there, but oh wells I’m not ashamed of it.

I’ve been taking a ton of photos too and I know this blog would not be complete without them. I remember that when I first had my SLR camera last year it was already almost the end of Summer hence, I never really had the chance to explore Madison through the lens of my sturdy D5000. This year I want to soak in as much of the beauty of Madison as I can so I try to bring my camera everywhere because I don’t want to miss out on anything.

To be honest, I used to feel enormous pressure when I held those bulkier than thou camera in my hands. I always pressed myself hard for quality pictures and feel the need to find the PERFECT shot so that I could make a good impression on people whom I’m sharing the photos with. But then I’ve finally realized that I’m committing a lethal mistake by trying so hard to search for something that’s not there because in the end perception is subjective; I may think that this is one heck of a capture but someone else might find it amateur and vice versa. Instead of having the mindset to impress, I’ve humbled myself to take things easy. With camera at hand, I would capture instead simpler subjects I want embedded in my memory for as long as I lived. Sometimes I might even get lucky and the mindless philosopher in me would emerge and speak for the photo – which essentially made a simple photo pop, without much effort.

Today I uploaded a new photo on Flickr from one of my photowalk experience last weekend and felt particularly inspired by its subject matter so I decided to share it here.

Urban Decay

urban decay is not so different from us humans. we started off fresh, determined to make a difference..then years of wear and tear took our youth and energy apart, slowly we stopped fighting for what we believe in. some of us let ourselves become hazardous and harm those around us; some are clearly forgotten and left to rot…but if you’ve proven yourself worthy, you’ll always be valued no matter how seasoned you are.”

Oh I’ve digressed way too much but the excitement of my epiphany must be shared…and it’s just one of those days where I feel extremely chatty..with myself. Anyway I’m really really happy about this transition to WordPress. I’ve been blogging everyday since I moved here and hopefully it’s a good sign. More to come, I promise!

Everyone is a winner, but not everyone is a believer. You’ll never succeed unless you believe you can.


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