New Beginning

I’ve been blogging for the longest time and recently found myself suffering from CWDS, short for Creative Writing Deficiency Syndrome. Of course I made all that up in order to sound inventive because I’m starting a revolution here, right now. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and finally decided to start a new blog after sticking to the old one for almost five solid years.

I can no longer continue blogging there because I find it hard to churn out quality posts when all I think about is how much I USED to write in the past AND how messed up the blog is right now. I find myself obsessing over the layout of the blog so much it sickens me – I was all about making it pretty and professional but ironically, I only made it worse. Being in college doesn’t help either, because when I was finally ready to write something I thought was worth sharing, my brain decides to take a break. I was also very reserved about what I write for the past three years because I don’t know who my readers are and it takes a lot of courage to put my personal life out there. All that jazz has really dampen my spirit as a blogger and I knew I needed a clean slate to start ALL OVER AGAIN or I won’t be able to move forward.

So here I am, trying to reinvent what “I Meant To Keep It Simple” means.

Here’s to a brand new beginning. I never knew this day would come but it did and to those who have been directed here because you cared enough to click on the link, I thank you so very much for acknowledging my effort in relaunching a new blog. I won’t promise anything right now but I’m excited to have taken a big step forward!

This is something new and I would like to make it a practice to end all posts with a quote, to start the ball rolling I present you with the quote of the day:

True words are not always pretty, and pretty words are not always true. – Unknown


3 thoughts on “New Beginning

  1. Thanks for the new link! I admit, that I felt the same way a long time back. Somewhere along the way, I can’t seem to write anymore, the feel is not there and I churn out boring posts just for the sake of jotting it down. I keep separate blogs though, one for personal intimate stuff and one for public since I don’t know who reads either. Good luck in whatever you do and have a great summer! perfect time to take a break from the exhaustive sems hah! XD

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